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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Silog, a Filipino favorite

A typical Filipino favorite breakfast consist of combining these three items, 1) Sinangag- Which is the garlic rice 2) Itlog - fried egg  3) Tapa - beef. However as long as you have the sinangag and the egg you will always have SILOG, you can either combine other foods with SILOG. One favorite, is combining it with Hotdog , you have HOTSILOG. Combine it with TAPA, you get TAPSILOG, the variations are endless as long as you have  SILOG. The name TAPSILOG came about in the early 80's from a sitcom and it always have been a comfort food for Filipinos.
This is a typical combination with silog

For me there is this one favorite food joint to get Silog no other than Kitchen King, not the fancy type of restaurant. But it always reminds me of home cooked meals. Owned and manged by a close friend , the place were the ''Barkadas'' meet almost everyday after work and relax.  Do you have a place that you always hangout with friends? 

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