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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SJMISF celebrates 24th anniversary foundation

Saint Joseph Montessori Integrated School Foundation celebrates it's 24th year in providing quality education to the people of San Mateo Rizal by hosting '' Run for your Lives 2012'' on February  25 2012,a 3k and 5k run/walk marathon. SJMISF was founded by Mrs. Rosita V. Torres in 1988, from it's humble beginnings and has now grown to be one of the pillars in education.

The event was spearheaded by Mr. Joselito Torres (board of trustee) through the help of  the faculty of SJMISF. According to Mr. Torres " this is the first time that we held an event like this, and I'm glad that the parents and students gave their full support''. The run was highlighted by Mr. Robert Gascon  aka ''Rio'' from Fitness Republic gym and by Mrs. Anne Divino ( Academic chairman SJMISF).  
Mr. Robert Gascon ( Fitness Republic) gave the runners instructions on  warming up before running 
the trail going to Timberland
Mr Lito Torres (in yellow shirt) with runners and parents

The event closed with the awarding of the top 10 runners and with the inspirational talk from Mrs. Rosita V. Torres . Students, parents and faculties, will be looking forward next year for an event like this to be held.  SJMISF has provided an activity for families,faculties and students to bond and as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle. But more importantly, to be one ''JOSEPHIAN'' family...


  1. Congratulations! I think it was a successful event..Maybe next time families/single/couples can bring and run with their dogs, as long as it is on a leash..Anyway, Mabuhay!! from Filipinos here in Austin Texas...

    1. Yes it was a huge success, By the way are you from SJMISF?...thanks