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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cafe Kapitan

Kapitan Moy's house is a 220 year old structure, and in fact the first shoe making house in Marikina. The Kapitan  actually started the whole shoe making industry.(click here for more details)

Residence of Don Laureano Guevarra ( Kapitan Moy)
  This is the site were the first pair of shoes in Marikina was made, in 1993 Mayor Bayani Fernando declared that the house be the central culture of Marikina city. Upon entering the building, a band welcomes guest with festive music. Old Painting and pictures hang  in the interior of the hallway, which gives  visitors an image of the colorful history of the building.

Faces from the past

According to Aurora Lim ( Cafe Kapitan owner) the restaurants location used to be the stable. And within the room ,a deep well is to be found. Aurora also said that before they moved in , the well still functions and used to be a source of clean water for the local residents.

Make a wish
The upper part of the building is the bulwagan hall, it can accomodate around 300 to 500 guests.Commonly used for big events like weddings and Seminars.

Kapitan Moy's house is truly a landmark in the great city of Marikina, come and experience the rich heritage this place has to offer...( click here for more details)


  1. I've been to Cafe Kapitan, and the place was awesome. Their price is also reasonable.

    1. Is this a restaurant or a function hall?