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Friday, March 9, 2012

Isaw, Adidas at iba pa...

I'm sure every Filipino is  familiar with a classic favorite "ISAW'' or grilled chicken entrails. Sounds disgusting for some? In the Philippines almost every part of the animal is used. Filipinos become imaginative and came up with different recipe using parts that are supposed to be thrown. A time honored philosophy " waste not , want not''. Sold by street vendors in the afternoon at street corners where people usually pass by.
Isawan stalls
Barbecued chicken feet ( Adidas) - are chicken feet that are cooked in Adobo then barbecued on a grill.                                                

Dugo ( Barbecued blood) - It has a bland taste and it has the texture like a sponge

Chicken Heads - The beaks are removed and then pre-cooked in Adobo, then barbecued. Almost the whole head can be eaten. Except for the bones that make up the head.  

Isaw (  Chicken or pork) - Is a grilled chicken or pig intestine, It has a little bit of a bitter taste, but tasty.

Pig ears ( Tenga) - One of the tastiest part of the animal, it has a high fat content and has a rubbery texture and it is crunchy. 

Pick your choice( Head, Ears, Intestine, Blood)

Spicy vinegar dip

Chicken balls, Squid balls and Fishballs - Sold by mobile carts with a deep frying pan, is a common street food found in every street corner. These are small balls made from fish or cuttle fish. And when you order one, simply get a stick and poke it , dip in spicy sauce or spicy vinegar.

Mobile carts are used
Fishballs, Kikiam

What makes street foods popular, it's cheap, easy to prepare and most of all delicious. Try it?

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  1. Pork intestine and fish ball are my favorites...