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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quezon Memorial

Manuel Quezon is the president of the common wealth of the Philippines (1935 - 1944). Pres. Quezon was of humble origins, his father, a retired Spanish soldier and his mother a teacher. A shrine is built to symbolize his greatness,located  in the elliptical road in Quezon city. A museum is housed within the structure itself and  with lots of memorabilia from Pres. Quezon and his wife Dona Aurora.

Around the vicinity there are lots of restaurants to enjoy, Tropical hut, Max's etc.. Truly one of the most visited parks in Quezon City.

Here are some of the interesting memorabilias  displayed in the museum

Luggage used by the first family
The flag that draped the Presidents coffin
The Presidents Diploma

Presented by the staff of  KZRH on his 63rd bday

The matrimonial bed
The first lady's nail kit

The executive table
The Presidents Transcript of record

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The restored vehicle
The First Lady's memo pad

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