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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zoobic safari adventure park

Zoobic safari is a very popular attraction located in Subic Bay freeport forest adventure,it is a 25 hectare land with different sections where a variety of exotic animals can be observed.(click here to visit their website)

Guest are given an orientation with what to expect and some safety tips when observing animals, especially the tigers. A guide leads every group in going around the park, and gives an overview of the different animals in captivity.  

                       A guide demonstrates how to feed African love birds    

One of the main attraction in the park is the tiger safari, get to ride an enclosed jeep and ride the rough terrains entering tiger territory. You will see tigers in their natural environment roaming around and see how they feed.
                       Visitors boarding the enclosed jeep
                                          A tiger approaches the vehicle
                         A close encounter with a tiger  
Souvenir shops are located in the park where visitors can buy stuffed toy animals, which are reasonably priced.

                Here are some of the pictures taken inside the park

                  In the petting zoo visitors can touch and feed farm animals

                                           Feeding the camel
                                           Young Kalaw birds

                                          Too  lazy to move

So come and experience the fun and excitement with exotic and wild animals, it's an adventure the whole family will enjoy...click here to visit their website

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