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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Legend of Lito Lapid

From Leon Guerero to the senate, Lito Lapid never failed to amuse audiences from all walks of life . Who can forget his speech during the Corona trial. Remained very humble during his talk, Lapid narrated that a highschool graduate would pass verdict to the Supreme Court Chief Justice, And said that he could not site any law nor speak in english. He said that conscience dictates his decision.

Lapid before going to politics, was an action star in the movies
Lapid during the Corona trial

"Bilang high school graduate po, sa ating mga kababayan, anong sasabihin ni Lito Lapid na hindi marunong mag-Ingles, na hindi kaalaman sa batas, ano kaya ang magiging desisyon? Didisisyunan po ng katas-taasang hukom na isang high school graduate lang at taga probinsya ng Pampanga,"Lito Lapid said in his speech.
Juan Ponce Enrille remarked that Lapid's speech is one of the best,criticized for not being able to speak english, and the only senator without a prepared speech. Lapid was the most awaited senator during the trial and everyone was eager to hear on what he has to say....     

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