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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letting Go...

by A.I.
Memories keep reminding of you 
Now, I don't know how can I get through
How I wish, I could live in the past
Without you, My world would never last

I can still remember the day we last met
I was so stupid ,how can I forget
Letting you leave ,to a place I would never reach
Like a man all alone , to suck all the bone

Promises made in the past, all I know
They're all made of glass...
Broken and shattered,beaten and battered
For me, nothing else matters...

Now, you have said, you found the best
All I know that he's very blessed
Now that he found you, then I have lost you
How can I be, if you've set me free

Maybe it's time, for me to let go
Things have changed, and we will never know...
Now that you're gone, and things are all done
And the hardest part , is when we're apart...      

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