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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coco life agent modus -operandi.. please read, don't get scammed..

I was at MOA at around 7 pm when a lady approached me and ask me if I already have a credit card , I thought she is going to offer me one, and I said yes. Then she followed up , and asked if it is a Master card or Visa, said both. Then gave me a coupon ,that I have a life insurance from coco life amounting to 20k. I was really not interested but trying to be polite, and asked me to fill up the form. She told me if I could spare some 30 minutes,said that she is not selling anything or try to offer me something.just for me to know what is COCO life. And she even said that I will be qualified for raffle for a free trip to Hongkong. I'm really not interested but the agent said that she really needed points for referral. I asked if there is nothing to offer me or ask me to buy something. She said yes, just a promo for the company. As hesitant as  I 'am, agreed to go to their office. It's just at the side from our office where I work so I said it's ok. On our way she asked me if I have an ATM ,  she said that it's one of the requirements to be able to qualify for the free insurance. Along the way she asked me to make a balance inquiry from my ATM. And asked me to keep the balance receipt.I was led to a small, actually something like of a make- shift office. Then a lady approached me and asked me if I was briefed already by their agent. I said yes. She asked for my ATM balance inquiry receipt and looked at it and hand  it back to me. Said that they don't really care if you have a huge amount in your saving or just a small amount.

Then I was led to a back room where there are several tables with different agents talking with different prospect clients. So she asked me to fill up a form, and said to fill up something like of an essay , my plans in the next 15 years. after filling up the form ,she presented me about COCO  life and showed me a figure of it's rank in the industry. Showed that it's at top 2, Then asked me if I would be interested in savings. Asked me the amount that I have in my savings account. Then she presented me the scheme for a ten year saving scheme. Then after the ten year I would be getting a hundred thousand a year as long that I am still living.
To make the story short, I said I am interested but still have to think about it, and give the brochure, she said there are no brochures. She said that It's up to my bank for approval. Said my bank? now here is the twist? its somewhat of a trust fund in my bank? I really did not understand what it is? so I said how will I know if I am going to be approved, she said it is online.She even said that other clients even with huge amount in their card gets declined.  I thought that it is an online application, I was really curious of what is my credit score. So I agreed. Then they led me to a terminal where they are going to swipe my card and  to enter my pin. I asked if my card is going to be debited and she said yes? Huh, approval from a bank by  just swiping my debit card? what a scam. It's not being approved but trying to CON you to swipe your card and  debiting the sign up fee of Php 4,500.00

I did not agree to swipe my card and led me back to where we are doing the presentation. So she said that It's one way of knowing if the bank will approve me? I said by getting debited? she said that It will be my first quarterly payment. So another agent sat with us convincing me to swipe. And said that it's a one time offer. And that if I will come back some other time I would need a huge bank account to be approved. I really felt the PRESSURE for me to sign up and swipe my card. I got irritated and simply leave. They were asking me to stay to offer me other options. COCO life is a reputable company . But the way they get clients involves deception.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tokneneng, a Pinoy favorite street food...

Tokneneng a popular street food made up of boiled duck egg or chicken egg, covered with orange colored batter then deep fried. Has been one of the most loved Filipino street food.


A serving usually costs around Php 10.00, which makes it very affordable. Served with spiced vinegar and diced cucumber, makes it a perfect street food snack.