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Sunday, November 18, 2012

50 ft. christmas tree at MOA

SM mall of Asia has just put their 50 ft Christmas tree on display at the atrium so shoppers can enjoy and have their pictures taken. The theme is " Christmas toy at wonderland", Children can enjoy the toy filled Christmas tree and toy lovers are sure to enjoy the set of activities lined up.

Kids can have their pictures taken every weekend with Sta. Clause  at 2-5pm

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Monster high Nov 17
Sylvanian family - Nov 24-25
Power Rangers Dec 1-2
Garfield and Odie - Dec 8-9
Selecta Santaville - Dec 15
Hasbro Grand - Dec 15-16
Lalaloopsy Dec 22-23, Jan 5-6

So come and enjoy the Christmas season at SM mall of Asia, it's one place that the whole family would enjoy.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Food Review : Man Vs Burger

I was at UP techno hub with friends and decided to eat lunch at Army Navy. Since this is my first time to dine at Army Navy, my friend keep on telling how good are the burgers and burrito there. I got my self a Bully boy and so as my friends.

the bully boy cost  Php 250/each, and to my surprise it's a titan from all the burgers,the BigMac and the Quarter pounder combined , would not stand a chance to the size of the Bully boy. It has three thick beef patties and you have the option of adding up additional toppings such as cheese and bacon.

I could barely grasp the bully boy with my hand, The beef patties are  rich  in flavor and  juicy. How would you attack and eat a burger with this size? my mouth is not big enough to be able to bite it!

I was able to finish 3/4 of the burger, and the last 1/4 , had difficulty in finishing it.

My friend enjoyed it very much and ordered another bully boy. and to my surprise was able to finish 3/4 of the second burger before saying he had enough.

After trying the Bully Boy, I said to myself that I will not have any other burger.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Christmas season is just around the corner, so it's time to shop for Christmas gifts? I was at SM MOA the other day to scout for toys for gifts to my nephews. I tried visiting toy kingdom and to my surprise they have huge discounts....

    Optimus Prime and The Iron Man, guard the main entrance of Toy Kingdom

They even have radio controlled airplanes and helicopters that has a built in camera and can record videos and pictures while on air.

I was amazed how toys for kids now are getting more sophisticated, When I was growing up, the only hit back then was the Nintendo family computer. For the girls, they are in for a surprise,the  Barbie collection offers up to 30% off on selected item.  

The all time favorite Lego

Try visiting Toy Kingdom  and  feel how to be a kid  again....