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Sunday, December 16, 2012

7th Christmas Toyfair at the SM MegaMall

After work I immediately went straight to the opening of the toy exhibit at SM Mega Mall. I was there at 10 am. Ticket was at Php. 60.00 

The line was already long, waiting in line for the exhibit to open

He are some of the collection on sale

Star wars action figure

Collectible movie posters are at sale 

Some of the poster on display

A model car of the 60's Batmobile

An original Voltez 5 robot, but parts are missing and is not in  mint condition

Right foot of Voltez 5, the set is on sale for  Php 4,500

I still remember  had toys like this during the80's

A set sells at Php 1,500.00

An orginal matchbox , a 70's issue

The exhibit is from December 14 to 16 2012 at the SM Mega Trade hall

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet the Power rangers at Mall of Asia

Recently there I was at MOA and got the chance to visit the Power Rangers toy collection exhibit at the atrium at the Mall of Asia.

A huge collection of Power Ranger toys are on display and are on sale for toy lovers to collect.

Fans can display their works of art

Star 1 of the Star Rangers, A hit during the 80's

Fans gather up for picture taking

 staring at the toys on display