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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Lavish lifestyle of Janet Napoles' daughter Jean

Using the hard earned money of the Filipino people. While many are going to bed hungry, sick , dying. the "Napoles" live a luxurious lifestyle.....  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Food Review : Pho'Hoa, spicy noodles

I was at Robinson Galleria to buy some stuff and it was already past 12 pm, an I have not eaten a single meal. So I decided to look for a popular Vietnamese restaurant  Pho Hoa. I was told that their noodles and soup are spicy.

Pho Hoa at Robinson has a net cafe with in its perimeter 

The waiter recommended the the Pho Nam Gan Bo Vien, A combination of Flank , brisket , tendon and meat ball.

Served with generous amount of mint and bean sprouts, as additional toppings for your noodle soup

The mint complemented the spicy broth adding a minty herb taste.

A piece of the brisket

To add more kick, try adding more hot chili sauce 
I like my noodles to be extra hot
The broth tastes good, spicy and with a taste of herbs. I liked best are the meatballs coupled with tender tendon .

The bowl is large, but i still managed to finish it
Over all I gave my first try at Pho Hoa

Price - 3/5
Taste - 3/5
Service 3/5

So it's worth giving it a second try....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grosby released The Black Superman 2, The Billy Ray Bates Special signature shoes

Billy Ray Bates the most dominant import in the 80's and 90's became so popular that Grosby made a special line of sneakers,Grosby back then was the official shoe of the PBA ,the Black Superman was released. When I was a kid I grew up watching Bates make his spectacular moves with his dunk and hang time maneuvers. I always wanted to own a pair of those Grosby sneakers. But never got a chance to have one...

Those sneakers are like the version of Nike's Air Jordan series. Recently Bates was awarded to be in the Hall of Fame in the PBA. Grosby decided to release the Black Superman 2.  Having this opportunity to get one, I went to the nearest Olympic Village stores and got myself those most wanted shoes, Finally , yes finally ! I got the chance to wear one, after years of waiting

Bates with Anejo 

Opening the box 
Straps was popular in basketball shoes in the 80's and 90's

Like the Jumpman Logo of Nike, It has a similar logo

Bates played with the number 2 in his jersey  

The original release has the PBA logo  

Lucky to get this model

So get your Black Superman shoe, before it runs out.....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slash Live at the Araneta Coliseum

To all GNR fans out there, The ex - lead guitar of Gunz & roses will be having a concert live at the Araneta coliseum on May 4 2013, be there...