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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Food Review : Pho'Hoa, spicy noodles

I was at Robinson Galleria to buy some stuff and it was already past 12 pm, an I have not eaten a single meal. So I decided to look for a popular Vietnamese restaurant  Pho Hoa. I was told that their noodles and soup are spicy.

Pho Hoa at Robinson has a net cafe with in its perimeter 

The waiter recommended the the Pho Nam Gan Bo Vien, A combination of Flank , brisket , tendon and meat ball.

Served with generous amount of mint and bean sprouts, as additional toppings for your noodle soup

The mint complemented the spicy broth adding a minty herb taste.

A piece of the brisket

To add more kick, try adding more hot chili sauce 
I like my noodles to be extra hot
The broth tastes good, spicy and with a taste of herbs. I liked best are the meatballs coupled with tender tendon .

The bowl is large, but i still managed to finish it
Over all I gave my first try at Pho Hoa

Price - 3/5
Taste - 3/5
Service 3/5

So it's worth giving it a second try....