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Monday, September 7, 2015

Marilaque highway... Jariels Peak, Mang Vics Bulalo

I got this new Yamaha FZ 16, and I wanted to break it in. So I tried going to Marilaque highway , A back door to  Real and Infanta Quezon. My journey starts from Cogeo and going to Boso Boso, Ascending the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

I started early, left the house around 5 am, and ascended Boso Boso, The sun starting to rise and it is a foggy morning that greeted me.

this highway has limited access to public transport  making it a  favorite route of motorcycle riders and mountain bikers.

There are many resorts along the highway

A very scenic ride, very cool breeze and nice road condition. Making it a weekly destination for a road trip. Along the way up to Infanta, a favorite stopover for bikers is Jariel's peak. A simple restaurant that serve exotic foods, and I must give it a try.

A favorite stopover for bikers

Some of the menu, I must admit it is a bit expensive.

I asked the guy at the counter on what to recommend, since this is my first time being here. Said that I must try the sizzling giant mountain snails and also not to miss the frog adobo

Sizzling mountain snails

Frog adobo

I really like the sizzling snails, the frog tastes like chicken. I enjoyed this meal, it is not everyday that I get the chance to try out this kind of dish.

And I get to play with the monkey
From Jariel's peak, went a little further up and took some more pictures before heading down.

It is almost lunch time and passing down somewhere in Antipolo, I saw many parked bikers and I found another stopover that I must check out. It is Mang Vic's bulalo, I've heard that it is the original bulalo joint in this area.

Mang Vic's bulalo has no vegetable in its serving, just plain meaty goodness. A serving cost 80 pesos.
If you are planning to go to Marilaque, just take Marcos highway and it is all straight up there. And don't miss the foodie stopovers

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