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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mystical cave in Antipolo

I got nothing to do for the weekend, found my way going to Antipolo. Target destination is the Mystical cave

About 2km of rough road, good thing that I brought my Yamaha Fz with me.

photo credit: alluringantipolo.weebly.com

A 20 meter hike before reaching the cave entrance. A payment of 40 pesos and a guide will give you a tour inside the cave.

The friendly guide
Rock formations are associated with religious images of Jesus Christ, Mary and other saints. The cave is massive in the inside.

They say that the water that flows in the cave has healing properties and visitors can bathe in the cool clear water.

collecting water for drinking

Inday Nelly Dales said to have discovered the cave, she had a dream of the cave ,when she was seven years old.

Inday Nelly with a visitor

So try visiting The Mystical cave, and be captivated by the beauty of this natural wonder. To get there, pass Marcos highway going to Cogeo , it is at barangay San Luis Antipolo Rizal.

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