Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Solo ride, Rizal- Laguna- Quezon loop

Sunday morning and I want to challenge myself , got on my Yamaha Fz and left the house at 6 am. I might as well try this long distance route. Starting from Antipolo and passing the towns of Rizal

A view of the wind electric generator at Pililia Rizal

First stopover in Pililia Rizal

A view of Laguna lake

                      Checking out the wind electric generators

Going to Sinoloan

                                         You Guessed it right! Paete

Well I've decided to push further and go to Majayjay, going to visit some historical places there

                                                    At Lumban
                         At Lumban Hydro electric power plant

                         Resting a bit before pushing to Majayjay

Reaching Pagsanjan is easy, no traffic and I  noticed that  most of the houses are old

Upon reaching Majayjay I was relieved, landed at around  1 pm. And It's a small quiet town .

My first destination in Majayjay is an old unfinished bridge made by the Spaniards called Puente de Capriccio, Rizal made reference to it in El Filibusterismo in 1851, Finding it was easy, I asked a trike driver, said it is called "Tulay ng Pige". Locals are confused why I'm looking for it, said that I  will be passing by a dump site to reach it. 

  The dumpsite near the bridge

   Met this guy who guided me in my search

Tulay ng Pige

 As I was trekking down the cliff, worried about my bikes security

Next stop from Tulay na Pige is the old church of St. Gregory the Parish Church, Built in 1575

From Majayjay, going to Sinoloan and then to Real Quezon. The road going to Real Quezon  is difficult, sharp curves and rough roads. 


A local market that sells fresh sea foods in Real

Fresh harvest from the sea

Lots of beach resorts

Reached Real Quezon at 3pm, I was a bit worried that I might get caught in the dark while passing to Marcos highway traversing the Sierra Madre. Just took couple of pictures and headed to the final leg of my travel.

Loading up with gas

                               Riders prepare at Marcos highway

Marcos Highway, the final leg of the journey


The Long and winding road of Marcos Highway
                                         Heavy rain nearing Cogeo
Traveled  350 km

Got home at around 7pm, got baked under the sun, soaked wet, For a rider, it's not always the destination that counts. It's the time spent on the road... Hope you can join me in my next journey


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