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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vest Ramen by Erra's bar and gryll

In my search of budget friendly but great tasting food, I found my way going to Adriatico Manila to experience Vest ramen.

A place that is a bar and a ramen house, a good combination huh! when at 2 am and you are all drunk, what a good way to get sober.

I got a bowl of Tan tan men, a spicy broth of egg and pork. you can have extra servings of ingredients at a minimal cost
my add ons

I ordered some siomai, and it' s really good. Goes well with my noodles.

My friend Chris enjoys his meal

Vest ramen at night, Photo credit: Greg bloom on twitter
For less than a Php 100, not bad. Vest ramen is worth checking out when you are in Manila

taste : 7/10
price: 8/10

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