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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eduardo's in SM City....

If you like chicken and baby backribs then Eduardo's is the place for you. I was invited by old pals to have a mini reunion and a time to catch up with old friends. So we went to Eduardo's.

I asked one of the staff , if she can make a suggestion on what to have and said that the best sellers are chicken and backribs.
1 whole chicken, 4 reg sides, 4 drinks and 4 rice at Php 636

1 whole slab of baby backrib at Php 289

A must try is the all black burger, I really enjoyed the babyback rib and for the price it is reasonable.

Great food plus great company equals a great time to remember

Taste - 7/10
Price - 6/10
Over all - 7/10

Monday, January 25, 2016

Little kitchen Noodle place in Tomas Morato

If you want authentic Chinese cuisine that is affordable, try going to Little kitchen noodle house in Tomas Morato. The place is cozy and delicious Chinese food is served

While waiting for your order to be served you get free green tea and sugar glazed peanuts.

I order Salt and pepper pork spareribs which cost  php 270.00  and Japanese wanton at php 80.00 and Buchi for desert at php 70.00 (4pcs). and a bowl of rice.

I really love the pork spareribs, really tasty and you don't need any condiments to enhance its flavor. The siomai is a bit bland for my taste, comes with a sweet and sour sauce. And you will love the buchi... I do recommend this place.


Taste - 8/10
Price - 7/10
Service- 8/10

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Uncle Cheffy UNLIMITED...

I was with my friend when we went to Robinson's place in Malate Manila and come across Uncle Cheffy

Very inviting for php 199 for 90 minutes all you can eat , I can have unlimited chicken, fish fillet , pasta or calamares. I love fried chicken,the restaurant staff suggested that we can have two different orders and can share the unlimited food. So we ended up ordering fried chicken and the calamares. While waiting for our order I managed to take some shots.
sisha bar

Service was really slow, it took about 30 min before we get to start the first batch of our meal.

My Calamares meal

For every serving of calamares and fried chicken took around 15 to 30 min, and if you look closely the fried chicken is dry and hard and tastes bland . Like it has been cooked the second time around, the calamares is too small but better than the chicken.

Over all, not impressive and disappointing. No wonder we are just the one who ordered this unlimited meal package.

Taste    - 4/10
Service - 4/10
Price     - 7/10