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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Unplanned road trip going to Tagaytay

My buddies decided to have a weekend trip going to Tagaytay to check out how his new Montero  on how it performs in long distance travel and check out furniture shops along the way. After checking out a few stores we went to Peoples park, it's my first time going there.

View is spectacular

Entrance fee is at Php 30.00 each

It's all walk going there

There are many souvenir shops around the area

This was constructed as a guest house for Pres. Ronald Reagan during the Marcos era, but was not completed when Marcos was exiled in 1986

View of the Taal lake

You can have your picture taken with the python for Php 50.00

Next stop is to buy pastries and we went to Good Sheperd bahay pastulan.

Best place to get Ube jam

Can't wait to try the fruit tart

Colette's is famous for its buko pie and other native delicacies. Freshly baked daily and one of the best.

A good way to end the day with some delicious meal at S&R  Sta Rosa Laguna.

6 pcs chicken at Php 399.00

18 inch pepperoni pizza at Php 549.00

Monday, February 1, 2016

Steak- off Grill

A steak meal that is easy on the budget and reasonable for its price, a must try is the steak-off grill.

Every steak is perfectly cooked 

Prices are, for T bone - php 149.00, Porterhouse - php 189.00 and Tenderloin - php 249.00, that is with rice and gravy. And choose from their side-dish of mash potato and peppered corn both at php 30.00  

Not Bad for Php 189.00

I enjoyed my steak dinner 
I highly recommend checking out Steak off Grill, price is affordable and not a trade off for quality.

Taste - 8/10
Price - 6/10
Over all - 8/10