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Monday, May 30, 2016

Solo Ride To Lucban Quezon

I had an upgrade of my GPS navigation and need to test it. I had to go somewhere an excuse to ride my Motorcycle again. I've been itching to go north upto baguio however due to lack of preparation and budget constraints decided to go south. So lucban bound as early as 4:00 am.

Marcos highway

So from Tanay Samapaloc road, paasing towns of Rizal. Going to towns of Laguna, just followed the GPS. It took me to Pagsanjan Cavinti Road. 

Arrived at Lucban at 8:30 am, still early so got time to rest a couple of minutes here.

Rizal shrine

Lucban's downtown is clean and colorful .I noticed that most of the houses are old but restored.I was starving and  need a place to eat. So I must try the pansit habhab.

Better late than never

A local said that at the side of the church is food court that sells Pansit habhab

Serving is ok for Php 10.00, kind of a bland pancit canton. Spiced vinegar is added to enhance the flavor. I was able to finish 2 servings. Funny thing is that you will not be given a fork to eat this. You do this by using the mouth to scoop the noodles.

After exploring a bit of the downtown, I look for a place to eat lunch and found this place. 

This is a chicken joint right in the heart of the city.  Got to check the place out.

chicken piece is at Php 25.00. And served with gravy.

Taste is good and complemented the spiced vinegar. I'm already full and no room left for Lucban longaniza!

Kamay ni hesus

Some local treats 

A shot of Mt. Banahaw

My travel time is 4 1/2 hours, I dont want to get caught in the dark while passing Marcos highway. I left lucban around 12:30 pm

heavy rain at Antipolo

Arrived home at 6:00 pm. Tired but glad to have visited Lucban

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