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Monday, June 13, 2016

Independence Day Road Trip To Clark Pampanga

What a goodtime to do a roadtrip to Clark airbase with close friends. NLEX on a weekend is a hassle free and provides liesure driving.

First destination is the Clark museum and these beautiful ladies greeted me

I'm the only one paying huh? Look at the rate.

The museum showcase Pampanga's history and culture. Here are some of the exhibit.

A beautiful staff will guide you

Next stop is the Stotsenberg Park

The K9 cemetery

The Airforce city park
This park has on display aircrafts from the Philippine airforce. 

The American cemetery

Puregold clark

What is really interesting is the store.That sell collector items and memorabilias

Old cameras

The sports section

Old vinyl records

A goodway to end the day with a sumptous meal at a roadside restaurant

Crispy pata


Spiced vinegar
Try visiting Clark Pampanga, just a 2 hour drive from Manila!

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