Thursday, July 7, 2016

Buffalo's wings and things

After work, decided to grab something to eat and went to Buffalo's wings and things.

Spicy chicken wings served with a  sauce of  different level of hotness.I decided to take on the Wingsanity challenge, the hottest of them all. A staff warned me, she said I should  try first the Armageddon to gauge if I can stand the heat of the Wingsanity.

Half pound of wings served with dirty rice
Wings with Armageddon sauce
All wiped out

So I got the Home run meal package B, half pound of wings served with a cup of dirty rice( mexican style) and iced tea. It's deliciously good and not that hot. was able to finish it in less than 15 min. And still wanting for more.

The meanest of all. Wings with Wingsanity sauce
A signed waiver is required before taking the wingsanity chalenge

I ordered the homestyle B with the wingsanity sauce. I was asked first to sign a waiver. I am able to finish 2 pieces of wings untill the ordeal begun. I had watery eyes, nose dripping, flushed face, sweat all over my face. It is so hot ! I  asked for an ice cold glass of water. Slowly worked my way to my last piece. The last bite is always the hardest. This is rated 1,000,000 SHU !


Finished my meal in less than an hour. Relaxed for a few minutes and I was given a certificate of completion.

A discount card
Meal packages to choose from
A place in the wall of flame
My bill

If asked to do the Wingsanity challenge again? A big no!

Taste 8/10
Price  7/10
Experience  10/10