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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jariels Peak Revisited

If you are a motorcycle rider or a mountainbiker you have probably heard Jariels Peak . A restaurant located in Tanay and Quezon border.  Going here is all straight up passing the marilaque highway comming from Marikina. I really do enjoy riding here because of the scenic route and the cool breeze from the mountain

A foggy morning

Jariels peak is at around the 90km mark. If you are looking for exotic food , then come .

Arrived at around 8am, I'am the first customer to arrived. And went around and took some pictures.

The camping ground and cottage house

A few bikers arrived after 30min.

The menu

I asked what's in the menu, the staff said that it is rabbit and lamb. And still preparing the bulalo (beef shank broth). So I ordered lamb adobo served on a sizzling platter. 

At Php 140.00

The lamb adobo is very tasty and delicious combined with egg is a breakfast of champions.

Motorcycle club logos

Mimay the monkey

Try visiting Jariels peek and enjoy the cool mountain breeze  along the way.

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