Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Poem for you...

A Poem for you

  Sadness surrounds me everyday, I was feeling broke
  Then an angel came out,And you were there to give me hope.
  You gave me the will to live and strength to see the light
  But I was so stupid to keep you out of sight.
  You gave me the best that you can give, 
  I gave you my worst for you to believe
  I cried in the dead of the night , 
  but for you I cant say that i might...

  Years passed by and new friends that I have gained 
  without you all of these are just simply in vain.
  How can I go on , with you in my head
  now Im simply bringing my insanity to go ahead
  Im really sorry for the stupid things Ive done
  Just think of me as a guy ready to be dead and gone
  Love is like a game ready to be tamed   
  With your name , I am ready  to be blamed...      

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