Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sino kaya ang karapat dapat? National Artist...

Ang National Artist award ay ibinibigay sa isang Filipino na nag bigay ng napalaking Kontribution sa Philippine arts, ngayon ay isang maugong na pag tatalo kung sino ang karapat dapat? may nag sasabi na Si Dolphy, Nora or si Vilma.  

Ito ang mg criteria upang magawaran ang isang candidato ng parangal
  1. Living artists who have been Filipino citizens for the last ten years prior to nomination as well as those who have died after the establishment of the award in 1972 but were Filipino citizens at the time of their death;
  2. Artists who have helped build a Filipino sense of nationhood through the content and form of their works;
  3. Artists who have distinguished themselves by pioneering in a mode of creative expression or style, making an impact on succeeding generations of artists;
  4. Artists who have created a significant body of works and/or have consistently displayed excellence in the practice of their art form, enriching artistic expression or style; and
  5. Artists who enjoy broad acceptance through prestigious national and/or international recognition, awards in prestigious national and/or international events, critical acclaim and/or reviews of their works, and/or respect and esteem from peers within an artistic discipline.

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