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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ma Mon Luk, A legend in mami and siopao...

I was cruising along Quezon ave. when I felt hungry, haven't eaten the whole day. And Ma Mon Luk caught my attention. It's been some 20 plus years since I last eaten here. I still remember as a child when talking about siopao and mami, Ma Mon Luk tops the list.

Credits to visit pinas.com
It is like a visit to the past, Old newspaper clippings hanging on the wall, old tables, old ceiling fan, Pictures of celebrities during the early 80's and 90's.

I got myself a large bowl of beef mami and special siopao. And the broth taste like stale bread mixed with herbs, not appetizing huh? Well I learned that you have to put siopao sauce to improve the taste and lots of hot sauce.

Then after mixing in the condiments  it becomes a spicy and delicious broth,

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The price is a bit expensive for a mami, but to dine here recreates the experience our parents and grand parents once enjoyed.

Experience - 7/10
Taste -  7/10
Price - 6/10

Will be coming back again....

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